Strategic Advisory

Footprint Analysis

The determinaton of the best location to establish an operation is of utmost importance. This can either be a distribution center, a regional (sales) office, a manufacturing or assembly plant or a shared services center.

Feasibility / Market Study

Prior to the entry into an emerging market, an in-depth analysis of the ability to complete such an initiative successfully is highly recommended. This feasibility study takes into account regulatory, commercial, economic, technological, political and socio-demographic parameters and the outcome shall serve as the basis for decision-making.

Supply Chain Modeling

Manufacturing companies that already have a presence in South America might face challenges with regards to their supply chain actors. We assist you to measure your actual performance, benchmark it and recommend solutions for improvement taking into consideration all five key processes of the supply chain: plan, source, make, deliver, and return.

Offshore Simulations

In an offshore set-up, certain business process are performed by a foreign subsidiary in a foreign country with the aim to optimize the operational efficiency and financial results. We can assist you to develop your outsourcing strategy, identify the needs, make a proper location evaluation, navigate you through local customs and regulations and coordinate recruitment and training.   

Business Development

Opportunity Management & Lead Generation

Following the joint definition of the target group, a proper geographical market segmentation and an extensive need analysis, we search for qualified potential leads, partnerships and strategic opportunities that should result into new business.

Strategic Sales Planning & Sales Channel Development

We can support you in defining, attracting and contracting distributors, dealers, retailers and agents who have the relationship with your targeted customers. We can also assume the local coordination, management and development of your sales channels.

Supplier Selection & Integration

With the gradual shift of service and product supply to optimal cost countries in South America, we can help you to identify suppliers, solicit information, negotiate contract terms, evaluate performance and oversee the logistics.

Merger & Acquisition

Ambitus can assist you in the search for appropriate partners but also during the process of merger, acquisition, joint venture or alliance. The work performed includes amongst others screening and due diligence.

Operational Management Services

Start-up & Project Implementation

If you’re considering to start-up a business activity or entity in South America or implement a one-time-only project, then Ambitus can be your local project manager to execute the task timely and according to plan whilst having an effective communication with the headquarter. Depending on the required competency, we can also provide the adequate resources to staff the project organisation. 

Organisational Change

Efficient organisations shall change regularly in order to adjust themselves to the dynamic environment they operate in. Ambitus can take a lead in this often complex and sensitive process. Relying on our multi-cultural experience, we try to apply the best of both worlds - western versus latin - without loosing the flavour of the local culture.   

Interim Management

Ambitus can provide temporary skilled resources on various levels in case of turnaround or crisis, succession process or the implemention of a complex project. We can take the lead or be part of a management team.

Shared Services Center

South America is a key market for shared services and Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) due to factors including time-zone advantages, language skills and cost efficiency. Colombia is the most typical destination for shared services, however Peru and Uruguay are the newcomers in the outsourcing business.

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